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The 2014 Scholarship Competition has closed. Details of the next competition will be announced early in 2015.

British Federation of Women Graduates (BFWG) Scholarships

 Guidance for applicants

BFWG Scholarships (Academic Awards) are awarded in competition on the basis of overall academic excellence. They are not intended to meet financial need. If you are looking primarily for help with living expenses (fees must be paid) please go to Funds for Women Graduates ( which is run TOTALLY INDEPENDENTLY of the BFWG Scholarships programme. You are entitled to apply both for BFWG scholarships and for FFWG grants but the application processes and addresses to which applications and references should be sent are totally different (see for the Funds for Women Graduates eligibility and application process).
The British Federation of Women Graduates scholarships are for women who will be in their third year of doctoral studies or part time equivalent at the time when the awards are given out (the autumn of each year). The awards are given on the basis of evidence of academic excellence as shown on the application form, referee reports and, for those shortlisted, brief presentations of their research to a panel of academics. The amounts offered in awards range upwards from £1000 with the average award being around £3000. The number of awards made each year depends on the funds available and on the quality of the applications but six to eight awards are usually given. The final selection is made in June/July of each year and awards are given out in October.

To be eligible to apply for a BFWG award for the year 2014/15 you must be: A female postgraduate student who commenced full time doctoral studies eg. PhD, DPhil, DMus etc. between September 1 2011 and October 31st 2012, or a part time student at an equivalent stage of her studies. You must be registered at a university in England, Wales or Scotland (not Northern Ireland). Awards are given to help with on-going doctoral work rather than as prizes at the end of doctoral studies so we are not expecting applicants to be submitting their theses before February/March 2014 at the earliest. To be eligible, fees for the year from October 2014 must be paid or covered by available funds or waived by the university. Applications close on Friday March 28th 2014.

You can only make an application for a BFWG scholarship once. However, if you are a holder now, or in the past, of a  Funds for Women Graduates/FfWG/BFWG Charitable Foundation grant or if you are applying for an FfWG grant this year, you may also apply for a BFWG scholarship provided you meet the BFWG Scholarship eligibility criteria.

Am I eligible to apply? Click here to find out.

Only email applications will be accepted. To make an application for a BFWG award, download and complete the application form. Email this back to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. giving the subject heading of your email ‘AWARD APPLICATION’ and at the same time ensure that you have followed the instructions for sending a £20 administration fee through PayPal as described on the form. Please make sure that you record the reference number of your PayPal transaction, the date of the transaction and the name of whoever is paying it for you if this is not yourself on the application form.  (This is purely to clarify who has sent a payment as the reference numbers on Paypal forms given by students do not always correspond with the number given on our Paypal receipt notices so it can be difficult to know for whom the payment is made. We do not use the information for anything else).

To complete the process of application check:

1. That you have made your Paypal payment.

2. That you have completed the application form. Click here to download an application form. Please include the 2000 word summary of your research as part of the application file and do not send it in a separate file

3. That you have asked your two academic referees for permission to use their names and have emailed/given them the information provided for referees (see Advice to Referees ). Please make sure they understand this application is for a BFWG Scholarship and ask them to email their references to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with the subject title ‘REFERENCE’ followed by your name before the closing date for applications (March 28th 2014).

Shortlisted candidates will be informed before the end of June. If shortlisted, you will be asked to give a presentation in BFWG’s London headquarters in late June or early July. (If you are unavailable on the relevant date we do our best to make alternative arrangements). At this interview you will be allowed to speak for eight minutes on your research and this will be followed by questions from the interviewing panel of academics. Throughout the application assessment, the criteria for making awards are a student’s overall academic excellence, quality of research and ability to communicate this.