Call for GWI Nominations Committee Members

    Circular 3/2018

Date:                    25 July 2018

To:                        NFA Presidents, CIRs and Secretaries and GWI Members

From:                   GWI Board

Subject:               Call for GWI Nominations Committee Members

The deadline for submissions is 7 September 2018.  The Nominations Committee Terms of Reference can be downloaded here.

Dear Members,

The Board and Committee members need to attract professional skills to the GWI Board and Committees to best serve GWI in achieving its vision and mission.   These key skills include: leadership, membership, fundraising, corporate governance and legal, finance and investment, marketing and communications, advocacy, organisational development, strategy.

The previous Board proposed the use of a Nominations Committee to identify, interview and recommend for nomination the best people for positions at the international level.  This was voted on an approved by the membership in November 2015 and was trialled for the nomination of suitable candidates for the GWI Board in 2016.  The Constitution was subsequently changed at the 2016 General Assembly (GA) to include the establishment of a Nominations Committee.

The current Board has developed Terms of Reference for the committee and these can be found on the GWI website. The Call can also be downloaded on the website here.

NFAs, individual members and independent members are requested to forward names of candidates to serve on the Nominations Committee with an accompanying recommendation and CV for those who meet the following requirements.  Please email submission materials by 7 September 2018 to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Qualities required of members of the Nominations Committee

  • Intimate knowledge of the history, vision and mission of GWI
  • Understanding of organisational needs of GWI
  • Understanding of three key priorities for GWI
  • Understanding of competencies required for a Board of an international organisation
  • Time available to do research on potential candidates
  • Daily access to email and Skype and expertise to work in these media
  • Ability to interact easily with others

Note: No member of the Nominations Committee may run for Board or Committee positions.

On receipt of nominations the Board of officers will select, invite and appoint suitable members to serve on the Nominations Committee.


Selection of Candidates for GWI Board and Committee Positions

The members of the Nominations Committee will then screen all candidates for suitability in terms of the stated job descriptions and will interview each of the candidates who meet the criteria for the positions. After interviewing the applicants, the Nominations Committee will present the Board and membership with a list of members suitable for nomination to the GWI Board and Committees for the triennium 2019-2022.

This list which should ideally have at least two candidates for each position will be circulated to the GWI membership with the papers for the 2019 GA. The election process for the candidates will then follow the same procedure at the GA as in previous triennia.

Best regards,

GWI Board