BFWG Research Presentations Day

June 10th 2017

Are you a women postgraduate with research to present?
Are you someone who enjoys hearing about others' research?
Do you want to meet young aspiring women academics?
Go to RPD to learn more about this event and how to submit an abstract or book a place.

BFWG AGM 2016 - Resolution on STEM careers

BFWG resolves to inform itself, through contacting relevant organisations and networks about the obstacles, real or perceived, that stand in the way of enabling female post-doctoral graduates in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects to take up opportunities for promotion to positions of higher responsibility in leadership, management and research.

A few thoughts.....

GWI President Geeta Desai states that post doctoral students need to be actively taught skills of decision making to make them worthy of the positions they seek.

Do we know whether firms involved with post doctoral students have the policies necessary to facilitate the achievement of positions of higher responsibility ?

Does record keeping by university tutors include investigations that identify the research responsibilities achieved by their students a couple of decades down the line?

What has your LA discovered to date and what are your plans for the new year 2017?