Management Team Responsibilities


Carrie de Silva/CDS

Admin to include Companies House /CH
Directory of Members
Membership; Renewal National database, Bulk Mail
Academic awards personnel

Monica Dodds/ MD

Westminster Seminar
Check MT, Executive and AGM Minutes
MT Liaison / link with 'BFWG News' and the Editor and Proof reader for BFWG ' News'
UWE and CIR/ GWI Liaison
MT link with CM/ Christel Moor for planning and executing the budget for the July, 2018 AGM in Denham
VP Liaison for the Northern region.

Siobhan Gardiner /SG

Social Media Liaison
Facebook outreach programme
MT Liaison with Adam Suter for Website update
VP Liaison for LAs in former Southern region; London, Canterbury, Reading and Winchester

Gail Sagar/GS

Office Mail
PR / Public relations
GLAUW/ Greater London
VP Liaison for Mercia and Wales

Patrice Wellesley-Cole /PWC

Day to day Office Management
GEO/Government Equalities Office
Ffwg/ Funds for Women graduates Governor
Ex- officio all BFWG committees
MT Liaison with Finance committee

Other Members with Responsibilities

Jennifer Landsberg

Chair of Finance

Sheila Stevens

Website Administrator

Barbara Jackson

Member responsible for the Memorial book, Record of Bequests and Donations

Susan Miles