2018 Travel Bursary Winner

The 2018 Travel Bursary Winner

Aoife Fitzpatrick

School of Psychology, University of Bangor

with a thesis on

The neural mechanisms of action selection and specification

who attended the conference Concepts, Actions and Objects
3 - 5 May 2018 Trento, Italy

Find out more Aoife wants us to know that she moved from the Republic of Ireland to pursue postgraduate study and is currently in the second year of her doctoral training in the Psychology Department.

She works under the supervision of Dr Ken Valyear as part of the Hand and Brain Lab at Bangor University.

The mission statement of the Hand and Brain Lab is:

To understand better the brain-behaviour relationships that underlie human hand function and to use this knowledge to improve rehabilitation outcomes for individuals with movement problems. This is particularly important for patients who, for example, have had a stroke which has impaired the use of their hands.

Aoife says that her thesis focuses on the brain basis of the basic actions that we perform countless times every day. The kinds of actions that often occur without our conscious effort, though if impeded would have considerable impact on our quality of life. In October she described methods used to localise all this.

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