2020 Scholarship Awards for Women Doctoral Students

Scholarship Awards for Women Doctoral Students for the year 2020/2021

BFWG Prizes are awarded in competition to female 3rd Year Ph.D. students of any nationality studying at a British University.

The Majorie Shaw Prize

Dr Majorie Shaw was Senior Lecturer in the Department of French at Sheffield University, and warden of a hall of residence. She was a member of the Academic Awards Committee and a Vice-President of the Federation.

Grahaigh Cordwell, Faculty of Music, University of Oxford

£4,000 scholarship awarded for research into:

 Music, Humanitarianism & the Syrian refugee experience.

Kathleen Hall Prize

Dr Kathleen Hall had a particular interest in the education of girls and women in or from countries of low per capita income. She was secretary of the Academic Awards Committee.

Julia Modern, Department of Social Anthropology, University of Cambridge

£4,000 scholarship awarded for research into

The Disability Rights Movement in Bunyoro, Uganda:  Human Rights, Value and Negotiations of Belonging.

Eila Campbell Prize

Eila Campbell (1915-1994) was a leading figure in the study of Geography, and in BFUW. She became a long-standing member of the Academic Awards Committee. She was a stalwart of Birkbeck College, starting as an undergraduate while working as a teacher. She liked to boast that there was no job in the Department of Geography that she had not tackled, working her way through posts as demonstrator, assistant lecturer, full lecturer, and in 1970 Professor of Geography and Head of Department and, after retirement, Emeritus Professor.

Nefeli Pirée Iliou, Institute of Archaeology, University of Oxford/p>

£4,000 scholarship awarded for research into

Constructing Roman Rural Estate in a north western Greek setting.  Rural economy and society in Roman Epirus ca. 2nd Century BC to 4th Century AD.

M H Joseph Prize

Miss Helen Joseph was an early graduate of Bedford College, London, and set up a prize for students of architecture or engineering in 1962.

Catherine Richards, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge

£4,000 scholarship awarded for research into

The existential threat of climate change, societal collapse as a novel lens for tangible communications and risk-based prioritisation of interventions.

May Whiteley Prize

May Whiteley (1866-1956) was an important figure in the history of women in chemistry in the UK. Together with Ida Smedley Maclean she spearheaded the movement for women to gain admission to the Chemical Society. May Whiteley spent her entire career at Imperial College, ultimately becoming Assistant Professor of Chemistry. During the First World War she led a team of women chemists to synthesise beta-eucaine, a local anaesthetic, for which she was awarded on OBE.

Cristina Cecchetti, Department of Life Sciences, Imperial College London

£2,000 scholarship awarded for research into

Structural & functional studies of plant and fungal secondary active transporters.

Johnstone & Florence Stoney Prize

Florence and Edith Stoney were two of the more remarkable figures from the early days of the Federation, even amongst a group of such remarkable women. They were the daughters of Johnstone Stoney, professor of physics at Trinity College, Dublin, and best known for introducing the term ‘electron’. Florence, born in 1870 became the UK’s first female radiologist founding the x-ray departments at both the Royal Free and the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson hospitals in London. Edith, two years younger, studied mathematics at Newnham College, Cambridge, achieving the position of 17th wrangler (but of course no degree). She became head of physics at the London School of Medicine for Women. Edith was a founder member of BFUW and became its first Treasurer in 1909. Florence was also an early member.

Stephanie Doebl, Institute of Applied Health Sciences, School of Medicine, Medical Sciences & Nutrition, University of Aberdeen

£2,000 scholarship awarded for research into

Designing effective healthcare services for patients with fibromyalgia.

Ruth Bowden Prize

Professor Ruth Bowden was the first woman to become the Sir William Collins Professor of Anatomy at the Royal College of Surgeons. She was a member of the BFWG Academic Awards Committee and the IFUW Fellowships Committee.

Elizabeth Evens, Institute of the Americas, University College London

£2,000 scholarship awarded for research into

‘Regulating Women’:  Professional women and the surveillance of female reproduction and sexuality in the later nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Margaret K B Day Prize

Margaret (Peggy) Day read physics at St Hilda’s Oxford, and the pursued a career in industry. She was Treasurer of BFWG.

Daniela Köck, Department of Physics & Astronomy, School of Mathematical &Y Physical Sciences, University of Sussex

£2,000 scholarship awarded for research into

Search for supersymmetry at ATLAS in final states with tau leptons.

Eleanor Rathbone Prize

Eleanor Rathbone (May 1872 to January 1946) was an independent British member of parliament and long-term campaigner for family allowance and for women’s rights. She was a member of the noted Rathbone family of Liverpool.

Denied an Oxford degree by her gender, she was one of the steamboat ladies who travelled to Ireland between 1904 and 1907 to receive an ad eundem University of Dublin degree (at Trinity College Dublin). In 1905 she assisted in establishing the School of Social Science at the University of Liverpool, where she lectured in public administration.

In 1897, Rathbone became the Honorary Secretary of the Liverpool Women's Suffrage Society Executive Committee in which she focussed on campaigning for women to get the right to vote.

Nahema Marchal, Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford

£2,000 scholarship awarded for research into

Feeds of discord?  Exploring the implications of online political communications for affective polarisation.

Beryl Mavis Green Prize

Dr Beryl Green was a head teacher before gaining a PhD in architecture. She was deeply religious and had a great love of the fine arts.

Nicôle Meehan, School of Art History, Museum & Gallery Studies

£2,000 scholarship awarded for research into

The digital museum object & transcultural memory after the post-digital turn.

Mary Bradburn Prize

Dr Mary Bradburn was a mathematician, who spent most of her academic life in the mathematics department of Royal Holloway College. She was also convener of the Academic Awards Committee.

Christina Zou, Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford

£2,000 scholarship awarded for research into

Existence, construction and optimality of solutions to the Skorokhod embedding problem for Markov processes.

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