BFWG Scholarships and Awards

One of BFWG’s main aims is to support women studying in higher education, to advance their work and create opportunities for career development.

Doctoral student awards were first made in the early years of the organisation and continue today. Through its linked charities, the BFWG Scholarship Trust Fund and Funds for Women Graduates (FfWG), successful applicants are given one-off financial support for either academic excellence (the Scholarship Fund) or financial need (FfWG).  Both charities fund students of any nationality who are studying at universities in England, Scotland and Wales.

BFWG also funds an international award through GWI every 3 years; additionally, there is an annual Travel Bursary for students registered at universities in the North West of England and North Wales.

The Hegg Hoffet Fund provides support for graduate women displaced by war, political upheaval or other serious emergencies.

The BFWG Younger Members Group organises a buddy scheme for members in the early years of their careers, academic or otherwise.

BFWG Academic Awards

for academic excellence

FfWG Grants

for financial need

Research Presentation Day

International Fellowships

NW Travel Bursary

Hegg Hoffet Fund

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