BFWG Research Proposal approved

BFWG Research proposal has been approved and now we need you!

As already announced the BFWG theme for the year has been - Bias against women in the workplace and how education can help them to overcome it.

We now have approval to proceed and the research title is :

Women's experience of bias in the workplace: the impact of education - an exploratory study.

We are looking for:

1. Women who are working and have some responsibility for others, not themselves being brand new to the world of work.

2. Companies that offer anti-bias training,  either in-house to their employees or commercially offering taught programmed or online ones on overcoming and understanding bias for a variety of companies and work situations.

3. YOU! Please can you ask around for friends or family who have been subjected as a woman, to biased responses at work.

Please could you interview 1 person or 1 company representative in your area. The forms, consent paper, research explanations on how to conduct a case study interview, a guidance paper for interviewers and a report form for your findings are already prepared and ready for use.

NB We are not including university women as we found out a great deal about their problems last year. We need women from other types of employment who have some experience in their jobs.

Report forms for findings are ready too. This venture could really be of interest to Independents who told me at last year's AGM that BFWG should be more involved in national concerns about women. Here is your opportunity to be involved and make a difference.

It is not important to have undertaken research previously, just to be ready to have a go and enjoy listening to another woman's story.

Please contact me with offers of help or questions but please consider getting involved Looking forward to hearing from you I hope many will have a go as many hands etc.

The results - we hope to publish and report at a conference and also to do a press release.

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