Call for Workshops

GWI 33rd Triennial and Centenary Conference
Geneva, 25 – 28 July 2019

Deadline for submitting Workshop abstracts:

This is the First and Only Call for Workshops on one or more of the 5 sub-themes for the Conference.

  • Proposers should bear in mind the purpose of the conference, which is to deepen our understanding of the role that education can play in nurturing a culture of peace and how we can advocate globally for a practical recognition and enhancement of this essential relationship.
  • Workshops might be based on research, theoretical analysis, direct experience or empirical evidence. Workshops must be interactive and action-oriented, that is, the possible actions that might be undertaken by members of GWI.
  • Preference will also be given to proposals from GWI members who have not presented, or presented only once, in a previous IFUW/GWI Conference as the Workshops form part of the mentoring undertaken by GWI and its NFAs.
  • Workshops are to be planned for a presentation time of ninety minutes.
  • Workshops should be presented in English.
  • Members interested in presenting a workshop should complete the attached application form and proposers are advised to read the separate attachment on Preparing a Workshop before completing their proposal.
  • Presenters are encouraged to collaborate with members from other NFAs in the presentation of the workshop.
  • The completed form should be sent directly to

The deadline for receipt of workshop applications is Friday, 11 January 2019.

Applications received after this date will not be considered.

PLEASE NOTE that GWI is not able to provide any funding to enable workshop presenters to attend Conference.

Conference/Workshop date during the Centenary celebrations and General Assembly is 27 July 2019. The Interdisciplinary Seminars and Workshops are an integral part of any GWI conference and participants will be able to choose which topic they wish to attend.

The conference theme is “Peace through Education” with five sub-themes:

  1. How can education advance the status of women and girls worldwide while working towards preventing conflicts, protecting the most vulnerable populations and transforming societies?
  2. How can curricula grow and change to support human rights and deconstruct patriarchal and other societal paradigms to bring about a culture of peace and non-violence?
  3. What does it mean to live in a connected world, two-thirds of which is in conflict and how does this impact on our daily lives (no matter where we live)? (Conflict – any form of serious dispute, friction, hostility).
  4. How can young professionals be empowered to make connections between education, gender equality issues and culture change, the environment and their effects on their careers, family lives and the planet.
  5. What can graduate women do to influence a global society, working at the intersection of education, peace, advocacy and action in local, national and global policies?
    We urge you to use the GWI Resolutions as reference points

Resolutions can be found here

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