Caroline Spurgeon Centenary Fellowship award

GWI 33rd Triennial and Centenary Conference

The Fellowship Committee of Graduate Women International (GWI) is celebrating the organisation’s 100 years with a special Fellowship in honour of one of our founding mothers, Caroline Spurgeon, first President of the then International Federation of University Women (IFUW, 1920-24).

The Caroline Spurgeon Centenary Fellowship award is the equivalent of 12,000 Swiss francs. The winner will be announced at the Peace through Education Triennial conference in July 2019.
Having a doctorate degree can change a women’s life and open doors that were previously closed to her. A Ph.D. title is a powerful tool in today’s world and helps with funding, provides research opportunities and creates an important network facility. The Caroline Spurgeon Centenary Fellowship has the potential to empower a woman and allow her to reach her full potential. By doing so she will have the capability to positively change her the future.

Who is Eligible?

Established PhD and postdoctoral women students, from any country, who are engaged in research relevant to GWI’s mission and vision are invited to apply. As an example, research in education, gender, sustainable development, and topics related to advancing the status of women and girls would be looked upon favorably.

The Caroline Spurgeon Centenary Fellowship is open free of charge to women Ph.D. candidates who are members of GWI, either through a National Federation or Association or through independent membership. Proof of current membership must be provided with the application. Non-member Ph.D. candidates are invited to apply providing they pay an administration fee of CHF 50 for women in countries with a low per capita GNI and a fee of CHF 100 for women in countries with a higher per capita GNI.

The application form can be downloaded here.
Guidelines for the fellowship can be downloaded here.
The completed form must be emailed directly to

Applications must be submitted electronically to this address.
Printed forms sent via the post or fax will not be considered. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

Please read the guidelines below very carefully. Applicants who do not follow the steps outlined in this material will be automatically disqualified.

• Winner will be selected by 31 March 2019
• Winner will be notified in April 2019
• Award will be given in Geneva, Switzerland during the Peace through Education 33rd Triennial and Conference in August 2019.

The deadline for receipt of applications is 1 December 2018.
Applications received after this date will not be considered.

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