Dr. Patricia Gillard visits the UK

Dr. Gillian Hilton VP (left), Gail Sagar VP (centre) and Dr. Patricia Gillard (right)

In Dr. Patricia Gillard's words:

My role is President, Hunter Branch, NSW. We are members of GWI through Australian Graduate Women, our national organisation. I live in Newcastle NSW.

On holiday in London for a month, I thought it would be lovely to have an informal meeting with members of BFWG here. I was delighted to get a response to my request through your website. What I hadn’t anticipated was the focus we quickly found around research and issues for women in universities (the BFWG Project 18/19). In Australia we have related issues for women as leaders and professionals. Gillian and Gail were just the people to speak to about this!

I’ll report back and see if this research conversation we began can contribute to improvements for women in both countries.

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