Educating Women to overcome bias at work

Educating women to overcome bias at work  - our theme for the year.

During the research on Academic women so many respondents, old and young complained about the biased attitudes at work to the female sex, especially after having children. Out and out bias was freely expressed in places and assumptions made that women were there to make the tea and if they could touch type, they must be the new secretary etc. Many women said that they and men in particular, should be obliged to undergo programmes that challenge conscious and unconscious bias towards women.

So BFWG are looking for women from a variety of professions, outside of Higher Education in any area of employment, who would be willing to talk about their experiences and more importantly asked what can we do to educate women to overcome these often accepted and ignored attitudes.

So BFWG member again we are asking you to step up to the face and become involved as so many of you did last year, doing a great job. Do you know anyone who is involved in training programmes on this subject?

Please let us now if you do as we are also looking for speakers for the AGM and in the new year I will be asking people to listen to stories of bias from women they know. Please, we want another success to put BFWG on the map; do help us, even one story will make a difference to the result. Thank you. Gillian Hilton VP

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