Crosby Hall

"One of the greatest achievements of The British Federation of University Women in its first 50 years was the creation in 1927 of Crosby Hall as a residence in London for women from all over the world.” (Nancy Catchpole and Cynthia Short -  "The Story of the Second Fifty Years")

Crosby Hall showing the Lantern.
Photographer: Morley Archive circa 1989

FfWG logo

Funds for Women Graduates (FfWG) is the BFWG Charitable Foundation.

The Charitable Foundation FfWG was set up after the sale of Crosby Hall in 1994, and awards grants to women specifically for living expenses during their postgraduate studies, with the aim of positively impacting their future career and our society as a whole.

A limited number of grants are awarded annually by our Board of Governors to those individuals who are considered eligible.


Professor Jane Hart

Professor Jane Hart BSc. P.H.D.
Chair of Funds for Women Graduates

Currently appointed Chair of the FfWG, Jane is a Professor of Physical Geography at the University of Southampton.

Her teaching and research is about glaciers, sediments and the Ice Age, as well using Sensor Networks to monitor the environment.

She has experience in numerous leadership roles including external examiner of PhD and undergraduate programmes, academic appointment boards and grant committees.

BFWG Representatives

Kay Howell. BFWG President
Kay Howell
BFWG President
Aisha Alshawaf - BFWG

Aisha Alshawaf BDS 1986, FDSRCS, MFGDP
Elected FfWG board member

Aisha is the BFWG representative on the FfWG Board of Governors responsible for the liaison between the Governors and the Federation.

She graduated in Iraq in 1986 and has worked in the UK since 1992. She spent 11 years working in hospital oral surgery services, gaining the Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons of England and was accepted onto the Specialist list for Oral Surgery. She worked for four years in general practice before joining St Dunstan’s Dental Practice in Canterbury in September 2000 as an associate dentist.

She also works as an Oral Surgery Specialist at the Kent & Canterbury Hospital. She has been a member of the BFWG for over ten years and is currently Vice President for the University Women of Europe

Nominee Shareholders

Jennie Landsberg

Jennie Landsberg BEd, MEd, NPQH, NPQICL
Member of the Canterbury Association

I agreed to be nominated as a nominee shareholder for FfWG because I believe the work that they undertake along with the scholarship awards are real and tangible ways that as an organisation we make a real difference to women in their educational journey and further career options. The Federation has a history of not just making financial awards but also the recognition and acknowledgment of women’s achievements.

I am currently a trustee of the Scholarship Awards with responsibilities for finance and have also held the chair of finance role for the Federation for seven years. Engaging with and undertaking these differing roles within BFWG; Scholarship Awards and FfWG, has assisted me in having a deeper understanding of the processes and issues that each of these bodies face.

I am currently a member two working groups, the first is the FfWG group, which is focussed on possible Governance changes to FfWG as well as The Josephine Marshall Trust group which is tasked with the implementation of the Trust established through this legacy. I have a strong commitment to collegiate working and an active participant in a group.

Heather Hawkes
Heather Hawkes Certificate in Education
Independent Member

Formerly a teacher, I entered NHS Administration for the next twenty years and on retirement became Chair of my local Citizens Advice Management Committee until 2000. Currently, I am qualified as an Advanced Driver Observer and a member of the Patients’ Participation Involvement Group for Hertsmere.

I have now been a member of the Federation since 2003 and held positions of Local Association President and Co-ordinator of European Relations. Since 2012, I have been a Nominee Shareholder of FfWG.

Funds acquired on the sale of Crosby Hall in 1992 to set up the Charitable Foundation of BFWG, awarding living expenses and emergency grants to postgraduate students, have necessitated sound management since its inception. My contribution as a shareholder, albeit modest, is willingly given to enable continuation of this worthy cause.

Barbara Jackson BFWG

Barbara Jackson B. Arch (L’pool) Hons
Member of the Canterbury Association

I joined BFUW (as it then was) in1981 when I was working in the Academic Office at The King’s School, Canterbury. I was also a member of Canterbury Diocesan Synod, serving on various committees and was elected to the Crown Appointments Commission in 1990. I used my architectural background on the Canterbury Conservation Advisory Committee (Chairman 1985-8). At various times I served as Secretary, President or Treasurer of CAWG.

On retirement in 1999 I added other volunteer roles, including the Board of Trustees of the District CAB. BFWG has been a big part of my life and I value the friends I have made. I served two terms as BFWG Chair of Finance 2008-2014 and being a regular attendee at BFWG AGMs, was asked to become a nominee shareholder of Ffwg in 2006. I am very happy to be associated with the excellent work done by Ffwg to help women in their academic careers.

Betty Pritchard

Betty Pritchard M.A. L.R.A.M.
Member of the North Eastern Association

Having been born and brought up in Scotland, I was well used to its centuries-old tradition of supporting children and young people, whatever their social or financial position, to reach the highest possible level of education.

As a teacher of Modern Languages, one of my main interests in joining BFUW/BFWG was its close ties with the International Federation (IFUW/GWI). Over the years I have attended many national and overseas meetings and conferences.
When Vice President of BFWG for a time, I was a Governor of FfWG, hugely interested and appreciative of its work 'from the inside'.
Now retired, my other interests, apart from fairly scattered family and friends, include music and the natural environment.

As a member of BFWG I have learned and appreciated a great deal; and I am anxious that its opportunities might be more widely publicised.