Gender Equality and Climate Change

Side event in the margins of the 66th session of the commission on the status of women:

A global inter-generational perspective: civil society voices on gender equality and climate change

Main Organiser: UK Government and UK Civil Society Women’s Alliance

Date and Time:  Tuesday 15 March 3.00pm

Meeting Format: Virtual – Zoom

Here is the link for you to register (if you cannot see it, please log in to the BFWG website first)

Moderator: UK Government representative

Keynote speaker: Baroness Stedman-Scott (Minister for Women), United Kingdom

Panellists: Archie Young (COP26 lead negotiator on gender), Loris Taylor (Director Native Peoples Media project), Oluwaseyi Moejoh, Jocelyn Razafiarivoney (Anglican Communion), Kervelle Baird, Dr Anino Emuwa,  Divya Niwale, Jacynthia Murphy  & Sofia Hwenandez


  1. To understand differing perspectives, from across the world, on gender equality and climate change.
  2. To identify barriers to gender equality in the context of climate change
  3. Amplify civil society voices to share understanding of the impact of climate change and the ways for communities to build resilience.


Following a successful COP26, and in line with the priority theme of CSW66, the UK Civil Society Women’s Alliance and the UK Government are hosting this event to bring together a range of voices from different generations and different regions, to further the discourse on this issue based on their lived experience. We will explore individual and broader barriers to gender equality, with specific reference to the experience of women and girls with regard to climate change.

By listening to the conversations of women of all ages, we will benefit from their personal experience, and identify common trends to develop a global perspective.

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