As a Member of BFWG (British Federation of Women Graduates) you become a Member of Graduate Women International (GWI), our umbrella organisation.

(Being a BFWG Member is the most cost effective way to join GWI)

Usually meetings and conferences of GWI happen every three years at various global venues. 

Many Congratulations to our members

Patrice Wellesley-Cole, the new President of GWI for the 2022-25 Triennium, Sudha Srivastava the new Treasurer and Aisha Alshawaf as Convenor of the Projects Development Committee.

You also become a Member of University Women of Europe (UWE) which is a regional group of GWI. This usually meets annually.

A capitation of €1 from your Membership dues helps to run UWE and about one third of your dues goes to GWI to support its work done across the world to help women less fortunate to access further education and training and set up their safe workplaces. It has a voice at the UN and advocates for women’s rights and opportunities.


It also awards FELLOWSHIPS !

GWI International Awards winners 2022

Many congratulations to our International Awards winners 2022

1953 IFUW Conference

1953 IFUW Conference

Taken at Bedford College, in front of the new entrance block which was rebuilt after bombing and opened in 1952.

IFUW Past Presidents

GWI logo
Griselda Kenyon

Griselda Kenyon


2004 - 2007

Elizabeth Poskitt

Elizabeth Poskitt


1995 - 1998

Helen Dunsmore

Helen Dunsmore


1983 - 1986

Videos by Awards Winners

GWI Recognition Award 2022

Kindred Spirits: Friendship and Ambition Among Women Artists in England, 1870-1920

Eliza Goodpasture

University of York


GWI/BFWG Majorie Shaw Fellowship 2019

Urban Security Governance in Janakpur, Nepal

Mireille Widmer

Sussex University


A visit to a university in China which Susan Miles and Jenny Morely undertook with members of the Hong Kong Association when visiting them to celebrate their 60th Anniversary.

Their gift to mark the occasion was (annually) for a Chinese girl to have a bursary to study in Hong Kong.

A BFWG Member’s informal reminiscences of the GWI Triennial Conference in Geneva July 25th-28th 2019

( Acknowledgements to Barbara Jackson Canterbury LA).

Latest International News

  • Memorandum of Understanding with FCEM
    by Roxana Petrescu on 20th November 2023

    President of FCEM – Femmes Chefs D’Entreprises Mondiales,  Marie Christine Oghly and President of University Women of Europe, Anne Nègre, in the presence of Vice President of […]


International Advocacy Webinar Series

BFWG has enjoyed close international connections since 1919 with the IFUW (The International Federation of University Women).

IFUW is now known as GWI (Graduate Women International). GWI encourages graduate women to use their expertise to bring about change, with particular reference to the education of girls, adult literacy and numeracy, access and advancement of women in higher education and empowerment of women as leaders and decision makers.

These links were further developed by BFWG becoming a member of UWE in 1981. UWE was founded in order to participate in the progressive development of European Society. working in partnership with The Council of Europe and the European Women's Lobby.

BFWG works with all these organisations with the purpose of concerning themselves with issues that impact the lives of women worldwide.

International Awareness,

Advocacy and Action

The BFWG raises awareness of the current situation of women and the global challenges they face.

We wish is keep our members fully informed about international issues that concern women and girls everywhere.

The plan to raise awareness of our members manifests itself in a variety of ways in BFWG affairs.

The BFWG campaigns constantly with GWI and UWE to ensure every member is cognizant of challenges women face nationally and internationally to resolve conflict of interest in gender related matters and to remove barriers to instigate action leading to education, justice and fairness in the lives of all women and girls.

 At Local level, many of our LAs

  • contribute financial support for education in developing countries
  • enable politically disadvantaged students to study in UK
  • build morale and share skills

 At GWI level, the BFWG

  • takes part in decision making in connection with the UN and ESOC.
  • is represented at world conferences
  • networks globally

In addition to the educational support given by GWI  some of our local associations assist young women in places such as Malawi, East Africa to achieve  their potential.

As a schoolgirl in an African village, Esmie Kanyumbu (nee Esmie Chipala) faced many challenges: lack of food; no running water; having to help with carrying water and finding firewood; walking a long distance to school; class sizes of over 200. But ever since her first year at school Esmie wanted to be educated and she would sit under a tree reading books when other children were playing.

After finishing primary school, where she was always at the top of her class, Esmie was selected to go to St Michael’s Girls’ School in Malawi but her parents had difficulty in paying the fees. Sutton Coldfield Association of Women Graduates (SCAWG) were happy to help. Recognising that in Malawi all secondary schools charge fees, SCAWG set about raising money to pay them. For Esmie, as well as providing much–needed financial support, contact with SCAWG members also gave her encouragement. There were no women graduates in Esmie’s village to act as role models. Getting letters and emails from SCAWG members helped Esmie to maintain her determination to succeed.

When she finished school, Esmie was one of the best in her year and she was offered a place at the University of Malawi. SCAWG continued their support as she studied Economics and they were delighted when Esmie was given an award as the best Economics student in 2004. SCAWG was further delighted after their protégé was awarded a scholarship by the African Economic Research Consortium to pursue a Master’s degree in Economics.

Peace education begins at home

We are very pleased to share this Peace Mail with you from the IWPG Chairwoman, Hyun Sook Yoon, who delivered these words in the International Women's Peace Conference last year.

Malawi student supported by Sutton Coldfield LA to graduation

Jenny Morley BSc, M Inst Physics, Ch Physicist

Jenny Morley BSc, M Inst Physics, Ch Physicist

Co-ordinator of International Relations (CIR) and UWE Representative

I joined the British Federation of University Women (now BFWG) in the early 70s, recruited by my Sister-in-Law to the Warwick and Leamington Association.

I was then a part-time Lecturer in Physics at Coventry Tech, having Graduated from London University in 1966. I helped to found the Solihull and District Association, later transferring to the Nottingham, then to Derby LAs. I served as Regional Representative for both Mercia and East Midlands.

Whilst still serving as a Head of Science I was elected as a National Vice President. After early retirement I served a second term as VP and then was elected National President (2011-2014). I was the first Independent Member to serve in this capacity.

I am currently serving in the combined role of Co-ordinator of International Relations (CIR) and Co-ordinator of European Relations (CER).

CIR/CER Alternate