As a Member of BFWG (British Federation of Women Graduates)
you become a Member of Graduate Women International (GWI).

Usually meetings and conferences of GWI happen every three years at various global venues.

You also become a Member of University Women of Europe (UWE) which is a regional group of GWI.

UWE usually meets annually.

A capitation of €1 from your Membership dues helps to run UWE and about one third of your dues goes to GWI to support its work done across the world to help women less fortunate to access further education and training and set up their safe workplaces. It has a voice at the UN and advocates for women’s rights and opportunities.

Being a FWG member is the most cost effective way to join GWI.  It also awards FELLOWSHIPS !

 At Local level, many of our LAs

  • contribute financial support for education in developing countries
  • enable politically disadvantaged students to study in UK
  • build morale and share skills

 At GWI level, the BFWG

  • takes part in decision making in connection with the UN and ESOC.
  • is represented at world conferences
  • networks globally

Many Congratulations to our BFWG members

Patrice Wellesley-Cole, the new President of GWI for the 2022-25 Triennium
Sudha Srivastava the new Treasurer
Aisha Alshawaf as Convenor of the Projects Development Committee.