BFWG Membership

BFWG promotes women’s opportunities in education and public life, works as part of an international organisation to improve the lives of women & girls and fosters local, national and international friendship

Are you a woman graduate with a university degree or equivalent diploma, licence or certificate from an institution of higher learning?

Are you interested in opportunities to make contact and friends with women locally, nationally and across the world – women from different professional, countries and cultures?

And are you ready to use your knowledge, skills and experience to help make a difference to your community, especially for women and girls?

If so, BFWG is for you!

Join BFWG as a member of a Local Association or as an Independent member and you automatically become a member of the Graduate Women International (GWI) and the University Women of Europe (UWE).

Local Associations are at Canterbury, Greater London, Huddersfield, Lincoln & Lincolnshire, Liverpool, North Eastern, Sutton Coldfield and Winchester.

New Members

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If for any reason you are unable to download the Application form, please email Sarah Claydon

Current Members

Membership renewal is available 1st August to 31st October