Memorials and Bequests

BFWG Memorials and Bequests

Entries into the Memorial Book and Bequests Book are made by our Calligrapher, who keeps them between AGMs when they are available to the members.

For the Memorial Book

An entry for the Memorial Book is free, but a donation to the BFWG Scholarship Fund would be welcome. Donation cheques made payable to the BFWG Scholarship Fund should be sent to Sarah Claydon together with the following information:

  • Full name and title and if appropriate, other name used
  • Correct letters after name eg: Honours, degrees, JP, etc
  • Local Association/Independent Membership
  • Date of death

Please contact Sarah on to get the address to which the cheque and information should be sent.

For the Bequests Book

The same information is required for entries into the Bequests Book with the addition of the amount of the bequest and the destination of the money e.g. BFWG Scholarship Fund. The names of those making a bequest will automatically be entered in the Memorial Book.

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