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NW Travel Bursary
BFWG North West Travel Bursary 2022

North West Travel Bursary 2022

BFWG North West offers a bursary by competition of £500 to enable a woman postgraduate student to attend a conference relevant to her studies or research in 2022 and free introductory membership of BFWG for a year.

Entries to be received by: Saturday 15 January 2022

BFWG North West Travel Bursary Area of Eligibility
Application Instructions


* Must be a woman postgraduate studying at an Institution of Higher Education in North West England or North Wales and resident in the United Kingdom at the time of the Academic Presentation Day in 2022.

* Must apply in type on A4 giving:

  • Her name, address, telephone number and email address.
  • The name of her institution of Higher Education.
  • The title, date, venue and organiser of the conference.
  • A title to the research so that the topic is immediately obvious.
  • Not less than 100 words of clear information on the present research and its validity (rather than the conference!)
  • A supporting statement clearly describing why the bursary is relevant to her studies.

* Must include written support of the application signed by the head of her Postgraduate School or Department.


* Should be addressed to: BFWG North West, 28 Ferguson Avenue, GREASBY, Wirral, CH49 1RP
and marked North West Travel Bursary in the top left hand corner of the envelope.

* Must reach that address by Saturday 15 January 2022

Effect of Covid 19

From now on we expect applications to arrive in mid January partly to avoid the Christmas post. In order to keep
comparisons fair we want you to send your application on paper, please, and not presume as some have in the past that they can send everything to us at the last minute online. Those will be disqualified.

All Applicants

  • Will be informed of the result in late January 2022
  • The winner will be invited to speak about her studies and why she wanted to go to the international conference at a North West Regional Meeting in October 2022
  • All Bursary competitors will be asked if they would also be prepared to compete by invitation at an Academic Presentation Day for prizes
  • Certificates of attendance will be given to any student who attends, whether competing or not


Preference will be given to applications which offer:

  • Good presentation with typed application
  • Explain clearly and simply the topic of research so that anyone can understand its purpose
  • Explain the importance of the conference to the research.
  • State whether a paper or poster is to be presented to the conference or not
  • Give the date and venue of the conference
  • Enclose a good supporting letter from the applicant’s professor, supervisor or head of department
  • Give a description and level of previous degree(s)
  • Describe financial help from other sources although this does not affect the North West decision
  • State whether the applicant has previously been awarded or applied for a BFWG North West Travel Bursary
  • Express willingness to speak to a regional meeting about the research and conference within 2022


Please call: 0151-678-1620 or email for further details.


Please note the North West Travel Bursary is completely separate from the BFWG Academic Awards.