The Albanian Association of University Women (AAUW) is happy to host the UWE  Annual  General  Meeting  2024. Albania boasts a rich history  with  numerous  fascinating stories to explore.

Tirana, Albania’s capital, once a small town, developed significantly in the 20th century and is now a bustling metropolis under a unique blend of architectural stylesinfluences by its past under Ottoman, Italian and communist rule.

Durrés an ancient city and important port in Albania, has a compellinghistory dating back to Greek & Roman times. It served as a significant hub for trade and a crucial point for connecting the East and West  during  various  period  of history.

Transitioning from a repressive communist regimeunder Enver Hoxha, to a striving democracy, Albaniajourney reflects a tumultuous period of politicalrepression and isolation followed by challenges andprogress of democratization. The country’s transformation captures the resilience of its people and their ongoing quest for freedom, democracy andintegration with the European Union.


– Thursday, 26 September:

Arrival and rcgistration, informal welcome and a cocktail reception.

–   Friday, 27 September:

Welcome notes in Tirana, keynote speeches, workshop and lunch, followed by a Visit to the Parliament of theRepublic of Albania (meeting with the head of the parIi‹ament and with the parliamentary women network. After an optional visit between the Bunker Art/Museum of Women or some free time in the nice area and attraction of Tirana. Dinner in the evening.

–  Saturday, 28 September:

UWE Annual General Meeting, Traditional Gala Dinner in the evening. A detailed schedule of the conference programmed will bc sent to you shortly.

–  Sunday, 29 September:

OPTIONAL TOUR KRUJA CITY (including transport & tour guide inside the castle)

After departing from hotel, we drive to the beautiful city of Kruja, a historic city in Albania, renowned for its signifiant role in the country’s past. One of its most famous figures is Gjergj Kastrioti, better known as Skanderbeg, Albania’s national hero. Skanderbeg led a spirited resistance against the Ottoman Empire in the 15th century from his fortress in Kruja, earning a reputation for his value and strategic prowess.

The city of Kruja also played a crucial role in preserving Albanian culture and identity during times of foreign occupation. It’s well preserved medieval castle and bazaar are popular attractions, offering visitors a glimpse into the city’s storied past as a centre of Albanian resistance and cultural heritage. Today, Kruja stands as a symbol of Albania’s proud history and enduring spirit of independence.


Fllad resort and SPA nearby the beach will serve as our main location for the AGM and other accessories activities. This amazing 5* hotel is located on the Golem, Durres city, 30 minutes from Mother Theresa airport, 50 minutes from Tirana.

The fee of the hotel is included in your full package for your 3 nights. Accesing SPA and swimming pool is free of charge.

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Durres city can be reached by individual or collective taxi services that can be organized  by our hotel once  you head at our international airport Mother Teresa which has several daily flights to Albania.

You   can   book    cheap    direct    flights  to  Tirana   departing from many cities  in Europe (Easy jet, Austrian Airlines, British  Airways, Swiss   International          Airlincs, Lufthansa, Ryan Air, Turkish  Airline, Pegasus Airline,  Air Albania, Wizz Air MaIta, Iberia,  Air  Serbia,  Aegean  Airlines,  Jetair Fly etc.).  Please  check  the best  flight option from your nearby airport.


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Please pay attentions for all the logistics details as we have received 2 possible options from the organizers:

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Click HERE to see the conference & AGM fees.

Pease pay your fees to the following bank account at the latest 15 August 2024:

Beneficiar name:

Serida Petrit Cara

BANK: Banka Kombëtare Tregtare sh.a.


1045 Tirana, Albania


ÄL2O 2O31 275§ 002183SA VAID EURF


For additional questions please contact: /

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