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The Younger Members’ Group is a new initiative to bring together members in their forties and under within the BFWG nationwide.


Established in November 2020, the Group aims to forge connections between younger members all over the country, building a network of mutual support and advice, as well as providing opportunities to make new friends.

The Group aims to foster new connections between younger members and those more established in their careers, too, through informal mentorships. The hope is that sharing professional experiences and advice is mutually beneficial, and develops intergenerational ties.

If you’re interested in joining, please get in touch with the Group’s Co-ordinator, Natalie Wright, at youngermembers@bfwg.org.uk.


Knowledge Frontiers symposium on the theme of "Just Transitions"

We are inviting applications from early career researchers across the humanities and social sciences to participate in a Knowledge Frontiers symposium on the theme of "Just Transitions" to be held in November and December 2021 in partnership with the Polish Academy of Sciences.

The symposium will seek to bring cross-regional and multi-disciplinary insights to bear on the issue of "Just Transitions" and provide seed funding opportunities to help create new networks and long-term collaborations.
Find out more on their website HERE

Franklin PhD Programme: Now Open

Our innovative PhD programme will recruit students to work on interdisciplinary projects with real world impact, with world-leading research supervisors, access to industrial collaborations and brand-new laboratory facilities.

We are looking for students from all scientific disciplines, although we especially welcome those with an interest in mass spectrometry and electron microscopy.
Find out more on their website HERE

University of Lincoln

During this masterclass, Chris Packham shares his top tips on how to get ahead in television and media. He calls on his experience working in television on shows including The Really Wild ShowAutumnwatchSpringwatch, and Secrets of Our Living Planet.

Co-hosted by Professor Jason Whittaker, Head of the School of English and Journalism, this hour-long masterclass is perfect for anyone interested in film, media, journalism, English, and creative writing at the University of Lincoln.

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