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As from October 2023, the UWE Board will have a vacancy for the post of Treasurer, due to end of the mandate of the current treasurer, UWE Board is pleased to invite applications from candidates for the UWE Board.


1 – Applications for the positions of Treasurer, should consist of a CV, photograph and a letter indicating the candidate’s willingness to accept the post should she be elected. The NFA which nominates the candidate should send an accompanying letter pointing out how the candidate fulfills the requirements and criteria of the post.

2 – Candidates will also be required to make a five-minute presentation at the UWE Conference in Ïzmir, Turkey on 7th October 2023, in which they will introduce themselves, outline their experience and qualifications for the position and indicate how they would propose to contribute to promoting the overall aims of UWE if elected.

3 – Applications should be made to, to arrive thirty days before the Conference, i.e. by 7th September 2023 at the latest.

4 – Each board member will be asked to fulfill the requirements as described in the Profile of the UWE board member and the duties of a board member. In addition, the Treasurer has specific profiles and duties.

PROFILE UWE Board member:

Ideally a candidate for the UWE Board should have experience of working within her own National Federation/Association (NFA) or in a similar organization.

She should be committed to furthering the aims and objectives of UWE, familiar with the European situation regarding gender equality and interested in lobbying for equal opportunities for both women and men in all aspects of society.

She should enjoy travelling 1 and be keen to work as a member of a European team. In order to avoid conflict of interests it would be preferable if she did not have an official function within her own NFA.

1 UWE gives a small remuneration which partly covers travel costs. In practice a member of UWE spends approximately 1500 Euro per year additionally

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