Six-O Group

The 6-0 Group

6-0 are the six leading Women's organisations in the country that meet three times a year, in ebruary, July and September.

They comprise the BFWG , BPW (Business and Professional women), NCW GB (National Council of Women), NFWI (Women's Institute) , SIGBI (Soroptimists) and TG ( Townswomen's Guild) who take it in turn to host the meetings .

Millicent Fawcett , the Suffragist  (not the Suffragette leader whose statue was later this year erected in Parliament Square ' Courage calls to courage everywhere') was one of the TG founders and she was the sister of Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, Britain's first woman Doctor.

 As a norm, all six organisations briefly discussed their individual reports circulated prior to the meeting.

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