The Day of the Girl, 2021

According to a report of UNICEF, sexism and unequal distribution of tasks begin at a very young age. According to a charity, a girl gets married in every seven seconds in the world.

In Turkey, 29 percent of the population consists of girls. The number of girls who have been forced into marriage and become mothers in the last 6 years is quite high compared to the ‘official’ figures that can be detected. Since these children are deprived of their right to education, they start life unequipped and often become victims of violence.

Turkish Association of University Women carries out active projects with its branches.

Within the framework of Istanbul branch’s FRIENDSHIP BRIDGE project, which has been going on for 10 years, they supported over a thousand very successful female university students. They are happy to increase the number of their students they have given scholarships to over 350 this year.

They say: We are proud to announce a special Project outcome in the Day of The Girl; During the summer vacation, our students worked with children between the ages of 10-13 in their home towns. Their aim was to be a role model for adolescent girls and enable them to make future plans for higher education. They built bridges of hope.

This year, 233 students trained by Prof. Zuhal Baltaş and her team within the framework of 4 different social responsibility projects. The students have taken 34 training courses on different subjects such as; gender equality and Women, vision, mission and values, living in a Sustainable environment, relations between generations, struggling with stress, body language and empathy. In the light of the trainings, they built bridges of hope with 959 children in 166 different villages/town of our country in their home towns (mostly rural).

Our students read books to them and talked about the importance of gender equality, environment, protecting nature and animals and most importantly having a profession.

They successfully realized the Project and tried to make them dream, and set Goals for the future.

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