BFWG Younger Member's Group

Younger Members' Group

The Younger Members’ Group is a new initiative to bring together members in their forties and under within the BFWG nationwide.


Established in November 2020, the Group aims to forge connections between younger members all over the country, building a network of mutual support and advice, as well as providing opportunities to make new friends.

The Group aims to foster new connections between younger members and those more established in their careers, too, through informal mentorships. The hope is that sharing professional experiences and advice is mutually beneficial, and develops intergenerational ties.

As the BFWG understands that younger members may well have quite different interests and concerns from other members, this Group has been set up to supporting younger members to build our own connections, run events, and undertake projects which matter to us.

The Group will report regularly to the Senior Management Team so that younger members’ concerns can be taken on board by the wider organisation. It will also build international bridges with the GWI Young Members Network.

BFWG Coat of Arms

If you’re interested in joining, please get in touch with the Group’s Co-ordinator, Natalie Wright, at

We know virtual meetings are not the first choice for most of us, but for the time being they are great at keeping us in touch.

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Natalie Wright Younger members' group coordinator

Group Coordinator

Natalie Wright

Natalie recently finished a PhD on the lives and work of early women literary academics, including former BFWG President and GWI co-founder Caroline Spurgeon.

She also works as a KS2 tutor and is based in London.

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Are you a woman graduate with a university degree or equivalent diploma, licence or certificate from an institution of higher learning?


BFWG Prizes are awarded in competition to female 3rd Year Ph.D. students of any nationality studying at a British University